Trikafta is now approved in Canada for everyone aged 6 and up with cystic fibrosis and at least one copy of the F508del mutation. But approved does not mean accessible. Red tape is still preventing too many Canadians aged 12 and up from accessing their miracle drug. Together, we must ensure that our children get access without facing the same hurdles and that Trikafta is available to ALL Canadians who can benefit from it.

Join Cystic Fibrosis Canada’s #FurtherTogether Meeting Challenge and help protect Canadian children, and all Canadians living with CF, from the cumulative and irreversible damage caused by living with cystic fibrosis. We have tools and support to help you with every step. Our goal is for CF community members to meet with as many provincial and territorial elected officials as possible in the lead up to critical decisions on Trikafta expected this spring. We are asking for elected officials to help us make Trikafta, and other CF modulator drugs, available to Canadian children and adults with CF who don’t already have access quickly as possible.

Thank you to the volunteers in our National Advocacy Network and the CF community for once again, fighting for longer and healthier lives for all Canadians living with cystic fibrosis.


Step 1 - Prepare

Download our toolkit for all the resources you need to meet with your elected official. We provide FAQs, talking points, templates, and other resources, to equip you to meet with your provincial or territorial elected official about access to Trikafta. We've also provided links to help you find your elected official and their contact details.

Step 2 - meet

Arrange and attend a meeting with your elected official. We are here to help you if you need it. In the meeting, share your story and share what we are asking of the elected representative. Information on what we are asking elected representatives to do is in the toolkit.

Step 3 - report

After you’ve met with your elected official or their designates, be sure to report back using our simple online form. Make sure your meeting is counted as we track progress in each province and territory towards our goal of meeting with as many elected officials as possible.


Join our #TrikaftaToday community briefings on Wednesdays at 1pm EDT to hear updates on the challenge, learn tips on how to hold successful meetings, ask questions and learn from other advocates.



Check out our on demand webinars to help tune your skills at holding successful meetings with elected officials.

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Want to go even #FurtherTogether
or people living with CF?

Cystic Fibrosis Canada is calling upon provincial and territorial governments, as well as private insurers, to fund Trikafta immediately and without restrictions for all who could benefit.   We need your help to go #FurtherTogether this Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month to apply pressure on decision makers to move now and help us re-write the story for children and adults living with cystic fibrosis.
There are three additional actions you can take to help ensure all Canadians who need it get access to Trikafta.